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During Childhood Cancer Awareness month, The People Tree Storytelling is producing a fundraiser show For CureSearch Gold (the color Gold represents the most precious thing in our lives......our children). It is a non-profit foundation which honors and celebrates children whose lives have been affected by childhood cancer. For most of us, childhood cancer is a topic too painful to contemplate or discuss, but some families are forced to live with the reality.

Childhood cancer is very personal to one of our Producers, as her 4 year old son was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in 2012. The diagnosis was horrific. The treatment was toxic, unpleasant and terrifying for a young child. The family’s only prayer was that their child survived. But there is always a cost. All children receiving chemotherapy will develop late effects of the toxic chemicals administered to them for years. Curesearch is working hard to fund and support less toxic, targeted and innovative children's cancer research, with measurable results. In addition, they are the authoritative source of information for families and their support systems.

It is therefore The People Tree’s objective to:

1) raise $15,000 (so less toxic treatments can be developed for future children) AND

2) raise awareness that childhood cancer can affect anyone irrespective of age, gender, race, or socio-economic group.

Please donate to CureSearch Gold AND,OR buy a ticket for the September 20th, 2018 Show ‘Making Sense of It’ at Empire, 48 W Chicago Ave, Naperville Illinois, while tickets last.

Help us change the odds of survival for those children most at risk.

Thanks for your support!

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