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Michael Beaver (left) and Zoomer (right)
Michael Beaver (left) and Zoomer (right)

Michael Beaver Hero Event -- Running for Zoomer

Level Method Gym has created a "Hero Event' to honor Michael Beaver.  Michael, a member of our Gym, passed away on June 28, 2018.  We want to remember Mike and how he touched so many lives by hosting this fundraising event for CureSearch for Children's Cancer.

Michael was always there for anyone who needed guidance, he is remembered as a standup character who was open, passionate and genuinely looking out for anyone who could use a hand ... he was someone you wanted as your friend.

Michael was a devoted son, brother and uncle.  In his spare time he loved fixing up old cars and keeping physically fit, he was a caring friend, he loved his family, especially children, and had a genuine zest for life, community and country.  He was the type of person who spent his time volunteering and his infectious smile always brought comfort in any situation.

Michael was a true giver and helper; from the bottom of his heart he cared about the needs of family and friends and regularly volunteered his time to organizations that helped those in need. He would made plans with his loved ones to visit and take care of them.  When his god-nephew, Matthew Carlson (aka Zoomer), was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, Michael focused his attention on CureSearch, an organization that focuses on cures for childhood cancer.

(Thankfully, Zoomer" is now cancer-free, healthy and an active 10 year old boy!)

Level Method Gym will host a special workout tribute called a "hero workout" which is to honor men and women of the military who have passed. 

The event is "Mike Beaver Hero Workout & Potluck" WITH A MISSION to raise funds for the charity that meant most to Mike, CureSearch for Children's Cancer.

DATE:  Saturday, October 6 starting at 10:00 at Level Method Gym

ADDRESS:  22661 Lambert St., Suite 206, Lake Forest, CA.

ANY donation amount will serve as a participation fee for the workout - teams are encouraged to donate $25.00 or more, but any amount goes to the cause.

You may donate the day of the event via cash or those who are members of Level Method Gym can charge their donation to the credit card on their file, OR you can donate right away and start raising awareness to this awesome cause at the gym or at the CureSearch web site: 

Simply select "Donate Now".

Come out and join us at Level Method Gym, have some fun and challenge yourself with a special workout named after Mike, which includes his favorite movements - honor what a special man and loyal friend, son, grandson, and all around person that he was.

If you are unfortunately unable to attend, please consider donating to this important 501(c), non-profit foundation.


Visit our Level Method Gym Facebook event page now, RSVP/ask questions, OR contact alex@levelmethodgym or  Alex and Dee will invite you to the event on Facebook, if you are not already added, so you can stay posted on the details. 

P.S.  Anyone can attend - there is no pressure to do the workout - some people will come and show their support simply by being there, others are signed up to do his Hero Workout .... the more, the merrier.

* Please share the donation page with your friends and relative via email and Facebook - it would have meant so much to Mike.


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