2018 Twin Cities CureSearch Superheroes Unite!

Joshy's Jurassic Jedi

I am so excited to participate in this year's CureSearch Walk on Sunday, September 17th. I encourage all of you to join Team Joshy's Jurassic Jedi and walk with us. The Walk benefits CureSearch for Children's Cancer and the money our team raises supports their mission to fund and support targeted and innovative children's cancer research!

I need your help to be successful! Please, join my team, register as an individual, or just make a donation to CureSearch for Children's Cancer on my behalf.

Together, we are fighting for the future every child deserves and every parent dreams of. Thank you so much!

Please contact me by private message if you would like to join us for the walk. I will give you details. Thank you so much for your support.


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CureSearch for Childrens Cancer

4600 East West Highway, Suite 600, Bethesda, MD 20814
brecka.putnam@curesearch.org | (800) 458-6223