2018 Tampa Bay CureSearch Superheroes Unite!

Natalia Sofia Cancer Free 4years
Natalia Sofia Cancer Free 4years

HCC Team Natalia

I am super excited to participate in this year's Superheroes Unite! event. This event benefits CureSearch for Children's Cancer and the money our team raises supports their mission to fund and support targeted and innovative children's cancer research! 

I can't do this alone. I need your help to be successful. Please, join my team, register as an individual, or just make a donation to CureSearch on my behalf.

Together, we are fighting for the future every child deserves and every parent dreams of.

   Natalia Sofia is a childhood cancer survivor. In August 2013, at the tender age of 8, she was diagnosed with localized Ewing's Sarcoma of her femur bone.

In addition to surgery, She endured an intense chemotherapy regimen for a year and radiation treatments everyday for a month. Due to the harsh cancer treatment, she is still suffering from the late effects.
By the grace of our MIGHTY GOD, she has overcome cancer and has been cancer free for 4yrs!!!

Her fb link is: Praying for Natalia










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CureSearch for Childrens Cancer

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