2019 Baxter Trails CureSearch Hike

Harlan "the Hero"
Harlan "the Hero"

Harlan's Hikers

We are so excited to participate in Ultimate Hike, a program of CureSearch for Children's Cancer! The funds we raise supports their mission to fund and support targeted and innovative children's cancer research!

Harlan's Hikers is created in memory and honor of Harlan "the Hero" Sullins.  At just 26 months old Harlan was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor (Ependymoma) after weeks of unexplainable vomiting, mood swings and eventually the inability to walk.  For nearly two years Harlan fought through original diagnosis, relapse and everything in between.  He endured multiple surgeries, 66 proton beam radiation treatments, four cycles of chemotherapy, and countless "pokes" and "boo boos."  In the seven months before Harlan's passing, he lost his ability to walk, play, express himself verbally and so much more of his independence.  On October 25, 2014, Harlan gained his perfect "kind blue" wings and left his body that had been tortured for far too long.  He was finally free to be the almost four year old he so deserved to be. 

Harlan's Hikers will be hiking 12 miles on the Baxter Trails for Harlan, and so many more innocent children that have and are fighting wars against beast they can not see.  Childhood cancer IS A REAL THING!  Harlan didn't survive his battle, but Harlan's Hikers will be doing their part on November 17, 2018, so that your child can hopefully win their battle if ever faced with this horrendous disease. 

We need your help to be successful! Please, join our team, register as an individual, or just make a donation on our behalf.

Together, we are fighting for the future every child deserves and every parent dreams of.

Thank you so much!

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