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Welcome to the Team Boots & Barley hike page!

We have pledged to hike 23.6 miles in one day.  ONE DAY!  In addition we have a fundraising goal of $5000!   You may be asking why.  It’s for the 47 children diagnosed with cancer every day.  

And we need your help to be successful! We still need sponsors! Any amount helps get us to that goal of funding cure research for Children’s cancers. Let’s help these tiny heroes tell Cancer to TAKE A HIKE!



11/13/2021: HIKE DAY!  We did it!  Team Camp Happy Days and Carrie from Charleston finished the day strong!  Coaching was a lot of hard work and time, but so much fun and fulfilling!  Hike weekend is more than just the hike though.  It is also the stories of kids who have lost their battle, are in the midst of battling and those who have kicked cancer's butt.  It's meeting the parents, friends, family of those kids and hearing their stories.  And it's doing an epic hike to bring awareness to the cause.  We met a backpacker on the 10 mile section.  He was absolutely amazed at everyone doing the hike and why 25 hikers, 6 coaches and a handful of volunteers got up in the middle of the night in the cold to accomplish this ultimate hike.  To tell Children's Cancer to TAKE A HIKE!

11/7/2021: Last training hike!  Just a short 8 miler.  We had all of Camp Happy Days and Carrie today!  The rain went away just in time too!  Turned out to be a great last hike and everyone is in great spirits for the big hike next week!  

All in, Andrew and I have put in over 120 training miles!  WHEW!

10/20/21: Team Boots and Barley have been busy putting in the miles for training!  Christa and Andrew have hosted 5 group hikes.  Coached hikes are every other week.  On the off week our hikers are encouraged to get their miles in--whether on a trail, in their neighborhood or on a treadmill!  

Team Boots and Barley have also been busy fundraising.  We are 1/5 of our way to our goal!  We have a little less than a month to go to hike day.  We have two long training hikes to go (18 miles and 20 miles) and a lot of dollars to raise!  Can you help us get there?

7/26/21- Team Boots and Barley has a new team member this year!  Welcome Theoresa!!  We are excited to have you on the team!

Andrew and Christa headed out for a hike yesterday in prep for both our trip to Washington and to prepare for coaching the Charleston/Savannah Ultimate Hikers.  It was a HOT one.  We did 7.5 miles.  Yesterdays conversation at mile 5:

C: It's really not that hot

A: In comparison to what?

C: Lava pits in a volcano, prismatic springs at Yellowstone, the surface of the sun...

A: Well, when you put it that way.

2019 Hiking Journal:

11/3/19:  We did one last 12 mile hike today.  Keeping the muscles active, but not exhausted!  We hit the Lake Moultrie Passage of the Palmetto trail again.  Main this one was a mind game hike.  The 12 miles felt like 24 today.  We did see 4 alligators today.  They were getting some sun.  We hiked towards Bonneau Beach this time.  The closer we got to town there was someone doing target practice.  Turns out they were about 100 yards from the trail.  So as we passed, the shots were very loud.  Not so relaxing of a hike.  We are getting excited about hike weekend though!  Right now weather is looking favorable.  Mostly cloudy with a high of 50 and a low of 31.  So chilly start in the dark, but nice day overall.  We will make attempts to update during hike weekend via Facebook and Instagram for those following along our journey.  We will likely be without service much of the hike though.  

11/2/19: One week to hike day!  We are busy planning our gear and reviewing the trail details.  We will start the hike at close to 4am and will hike the first few hours in the dark.  Andrew’s Eagle Scout days come in handy with “Be Prepared”.  Going to do one more shorter training hike this weekend and pick up last minute gear needs.  We received all of our itinerary information from the organizers.  It’s getting real now!  Not sure how many other trail coaches there are, but looks like 23 hikers making the journey to tell children’s cancer to take a hike next week!  Thanks to all who have followed along our journey and have donated to the cause.  Your love and support mean a lot!

10/26/19: Two weeks to hike day.  Today was our last BIG training hike.  22 Miles!  Whew.  We got started at 10:45am.  A tad later than we had planned.  We sectioned hiked the Palmetto Trail again up at Lake Moultrie—which happens to be one of the only places to hike long distances around here.  We have decided that any distance we do on the trail has us prepared to do ANY distance.  That trail is boring and mentally fatigues us.  It’s the same view over and over and over.  But we had a beautiful partly sunny day for the first half.  The hours of the same view over and over can be broken up with some nice wildlife.  This round we did see a bald eagle, several large gators, lots of herons and egrets and a possible fox sighting.  We had a little splash and dash that refreshed us at mile 5.  By mile 8 we feeling great.  We originally planned for two rest stops, but decided in order to not have to do a section three times that we would do one break.  So we took our first break at 15 miles.  Miles 12-15 were the hottest as our breeze went away and the sun came out strong.  Those were the toughest miles of this hike.  After our 30 minute lunch break at 4:14 we got back at it to finish up the last 7 miles.      We were both hurting when we first got started, but our muscles warmed up and we finished strong.  It was dark when we got back to the car at 7:00 and we were starving!  Next week we only need to do a small 8 miles to keep us active, but not overly fatigued for the big day.  Training miles to date: 46.  Dollars Raised: $320.  

Fun Fact: We talk a lot when hiking to pass the miles.  Anything from our 401k status to what we will be doing on the next vacation.  Favorite conversation starter on this one:  Andrew: “Ever think we would be doing something like this when we first started backpacking?”  Christa: “@$#% NO!!”  

10/24/19:  So, we thought we were not going to be able to participate in the hike this year.  So we stopped training.  Then we got an amazing opportunity to be coaches on the trail this year with anticipation of being coaches next year.  So we are back in.  BUT...that means we are 2 weeks behind on training.  Add in family visit and lots of food and beverages...  EGHAD!  So we went for a run tonight.  We haven’t run since August.  Mind you....we are pack mules, not runners.  We don’t perform well as runners.  We typically cross train with running as we find it helps with our lung capacity for higher altitudes and strengthens our core and quads for carrying the loads when hiking, but haven’t been running as much as we should.  So, on a whim we decided to do a test run to see how we were feeling physically.  We both had little to eat all day and perhaps weren’t as hydrated as we should have been.   We did 1.5 miles in 20 minutes.  Definitely not our best, but not bad overall.  On Saturday we have a goal of a 22 mile training hike.  It’s our last big training hike.  It will hurt.  Tiny Human Heros are worth it!

10/5/19:  We knew we didn’t have the time to accomplish the 16 miles needed.  We didn’t have any other hikers join us this week so we opted to cut our miles down to 12, but added weight.  We each carried around 20lbs.  We have found that in the past, our weighted distance equals about 1.5 x our unweighted distance.  Just over a month to hike day!

9/21/19: This week was tough. A bit of a virus went through the house and getting in the distance wasn’t going to happen. But new boots are getting ordered for training hikes to help with the miles!!

9/15/19: Our first organized training hike was HOT!  With the way summer is lasting our hike in November may be hot too!  We may have imbibed too much in beer and cheese in Wisconsin as this 11.5 miles was tough.  We decided to hike the Ravennel bridge for some ups and downs and then through Downtown and back over the bridge.  The goal mileage for the day was 8 miles so we are ahead of schedule so far.  The next couple of weeks may be hard to get in the training.

Follow along on our hiking journey on instagram @hoboholly76


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