2019 Omaha CureSearch Walk

Owen's A Team

Welcome to Owen's A Team!

This is our second year walking in the CureSEARCH walk and we are still excited! I have always been a supporter of cancer research not only to find a cure, but also to find less harmful, hurtful and invasive ways to treat cancer. When Owen was diagnosed with cancer I was devastated to find out that in the last 20 years only 3 cancer medications have been specifically approved for children! That is not enough for the 40,000+ children in cancer treatment each year. We need to do more - this is no legacy to leave our children. 



Owen was diagnosed August 18th 2016 just before his 6th birthday with a medulloblastoma - cancerous brain tumor. On August 19th they took out about a 4 cm x 4.3 cm tumor from the cerebellum area of his brain. He began 6 weeks of daily radiation to his brain and spine in September. He lost his desire to eat and dropped to 48 lbs (BMI - less than the 5th percentile) and was labeled as severely malnourished. He had an NG (nasogastric) tube placed and we started supplementing him in November. Owen's first chemotherapy was early in December and he did really well with that - no nausea or vomiting - and we were really impressed. He was having problems keeping the NG tube in and had a small surgery to get a G Button - a semipermanent solution to feeding which went really well. He tolerated the rest of his  chemotherapy like a champ and only had a couple unexpected admissions due to infection. His last chemo therapy was in October and he was officially cleared on November 10th 2016. Yea!!! 

We are very lucky - and we know it. Lucky that the cancer was found and taken out so quickly. Lucky that I have been able to take a hiatus from working to care for him. Lucky that his chemo and radiation were easy for him. Lucky his scans are all clean. Lucky that we have friends and family like you to support us. But others are not so lucky.... 1 out of every 8 children with cancer will not survive. And the ones that do... Well, they have a very rough road ahead of them - learning disabilities, secondary cancers, hearing loss, kidney damage, liver damage, and emotional scars. We have to do better - for Owen, for all of them. 

This year Owen is walking as a cancer SURVIVOR! We can not be more excited or more proud. We always knew that he was exceptional, but we thought that was because of his amazing thirst for reading and gift for learning animal and science facts. Now we know that his real super power is fighting cancer with courage and a smile. 

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