2019 Pittsburgh CureSearch Walk

Our little hero ...Martina
Our little hero ...Martina

Martina's Happy Feet

We are really excited to participate in the Pittsburgh Superheroes Unite! to honor our little daughter Martina and many other kids who have been affected by childhood cancer.

In 2011, when Martina was only 15 months old, she was diagnosed with Stage IV of Rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer that occurs in cells that normally develop into skeletal muscles. During the 15 months of her treatment, Martina underwent 133 rounds of chemotherapy using 6 different types of drugs, 25 rounds of radiation therapy, 2 mayor surgeries and multiple minor surgeries, 6 broviac line replacements, 9 blood transfusions, and countless clinic visits, hospital stays, subcutaneous shots and support medication. Her final treatment was in June of 2012.

Martina is now 8 years old and she is a Survivor! She still visits Children’s Hospital every year for her follow-up at the Survivorship Clinic.

Every day 42 children are diagnosed with cancer. Despite major advances and increases in survival rates, 12% of the children who are diagnosed still lose their battle to cancer. Our goal is to achieve a 100% cure rate! 

I need your help to be successful! Please, join my team, register as an individual, or just make a donation to CureSearch for Children's Cancer on my behalf.

Together, we are fighting for the future every child deserves and every parent dreams of. Thank you so much!

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