2019 Charlottesville CureSearch Walk

Love for Liam
Love for Liam

Love for Liam

Liam Richards was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) on his 3rd birthday, August 25th, 2018. He was such a sweet, kind, funny, intelligent little boy. He had eyes as blue as the sky and a smile that light up a room, winning over the hearts of almost every single person he came into contact with. 

Liam was in full on treatment for 7 months. So many hospital stays, countless amounts of chemo and other medications. He received countless spinal taps and procedures, practically living in the hospital for a good portion of that time. On March 25, 2019 our sweet Liam officially won. He left this earth for a much better place, the reason we will never know. All we know if our boy is cancer free and happy  

Please join us in participating in the 2019 Charlottesville CureSearch Walk to raise money for childhood cancer research!! CureSearch is a non-profit whose mission is solely to put an end to childhood cancer! 


Did you know that that childhood cancer is only funded 4% by our government?? 4!!! It’s shameful and we need a change!  

43 children are diagnosed with cancer EVERY SINGLE DAY. 1 in every 8 will leave this earth and join our Liam.

The children who survive will most likely suffer long term toxic side effects from treatments. 

In the last 20 years only 4 treatments have been developed and approved for children.. 



Our children need more! We have gotta make a change! 

Please help us us in any way possible, share it, donate, or join us. Anything is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support

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CureSearch for Childrens Cancer

PO Box 45781, Baltimore, MD 21297-5781
jennifer.murphy@curesearch.org | (240) 235-2211