2020 United CureSearch Walk - Twin Cities

Our  Super  Team  JUDE
Our Super Team JUDE


Team Jude will have our own walk at Lake Phalen, St. Paul, Minnesota on September 26th2020 at 10am. Meet at the Pavilion.

My son Jude was diagnosed with a low-grade glioma brain tumor in 2014 when he was two months old. By the time Jude was three months old he had had three surgeries and had started chemotherapy. One year into treatment his tumor started to grow again, and he had to start all over with a new chemo regimen. During the next two years, Jude had to endure many fevers, side effects from chemo, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and illnesses. As a family the stress was indescribable. Finally, two years later in October of 2016, the tumor in Jude’s brain was considered ‘shut down’ and the treatment with chemotherapy was done.

Jude is now an incredible six-year-old who just started kindergarten. He is a joyful, happy, and goofy little boy. As fortunate as I know we are, like many childhood cancer survivors, we still deal with the effects of Jude’s cancer as his brain was impacted by the treatments he received. He has weakness in his right arm, hand and leg, as well as other delays and disabilities caused by the tumor, chemo, and the illnesses he endured in his first two years of life.

My hope is that no other family will face a childhood cancer diagnosis, and that’s why CureSearch’s focus on funding new, safer treatment options is so important. It brings us hope to know that CureSearch-funded researchers are working right now to find cures for glioma and other devastating pediatric brain tumors. I hope you’ll join me this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in supporting this lifesaving research.

This year, CureSearch Walk is virtual however Team Jude will have our own walk at Lake Phalen, St. Paul, Minnesota on September 26th 2020 at 10am. Please consider supporting us by donating to CureSearch Research and/or joining us in our walk on September 26th, 2020.

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