2020 United CureSearch Walk - Salt Lake City


Hi, I'm JP. I'm almost 11 years old and live in Layton, Utah. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 2 years old. I did chemo for 3 years before I rang the bell in 2015. I was cancer free for 2 years before it came back in 2017. I did chemo and a clinical trial to treat my relapse, but I'M FINALLY CANCER FREE!!!

When I was 5, I played for the Utah Jazz for a day. It was the best day ever!! They subbed me into the game and I made a slam dunk (with help from Rudy Gobert). When my cancer came back, the Utah Jazz made some #JPstrong shirts for me. It's been pretty cool.

I love CureSearch because they are still making sure kids cancer research is being done, even though we are in a pandemic. Cancer doesn't take a break and we still need help!

Did you know that every single day there are 43 kids just like me who are diagnosed with cancer? Every day!! This year, since we can't get together in person, I hope I can get 43 friends to donate $11 to my team in honor of my 11th birthday. Let's do this!!

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CureSearch for Childrens Cancer

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