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About the Ultimate Hike: Create Your Adventure

Ultimate Hike: Create Your Adventure is your opportunity to plan your own life-changing, lifesaving adventure on which you hike towards a cure for all children's cancers. You pick the trail, the distance, the date and you set your own fundraising goals. It's great for school groups, scout groups, solo adventurers, experienced mountain climbers and everyone in between. Contact us at ultimatehike@curesearch.org to discuss your ultimate adventure.

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  1 -  $1,000 Club Jennie Burnside ($1,479.90)
  2 -  $75 Club Personal Gift Jessica Privett ($86.00)
  3 -  Personal Gift JoAnn Jarrett ($55.00)
  4 -  Personal Gift Angie Worthington ($55.00)
  5 -  Personal Gift Tiffany Baird ($50.00)
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  1 -  Red Pine Ultimate Hike UT ($2,590.90)
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How CureSearch Supports You

All of our great fundraising and training resources are available to our Create Your Adventure Hikers through your online fundraising and training portal. Our resources can help you create a training program to reach your goals, and maximize your fundraising efforts. In addition, your fundraising website will be ready to go as soon as you register. We also have some great incentives to inspire you to take your fundraising to the next level! Finally, we are always available to help you brainstorm ideas to make your event as successful as possible.

Who Can I Hike With?

Ultimate Hike: Create Your Adventure is great for solo hikers and groups! If you're solo hiking, maybe you're just getting into it and want to do a three miler close to home, or maybe you're taking on Everest - the beauty of the program is you can pick your adventure. If you are looking to hike as a part of a group, check out our list of group hiking ideas for adults and youth here.

News and Upcoming Events

Ultimate Hike news and upcoming events will be posted here. Stay tuned!