CureSearch Challenge - Full/Half Marathon Charity Registrations

Official CureSearch Marathon Events

Each of our official partner marathons and half marathons has a different registration process, and the process is determined by our partner. Please select your race of choice for more information.

Did you register for CureSearch Challenge prior to June 21, 2017? If you need help, or want to set up a page on this new Challenge website, please email

Top Challengers
  1 -  $500 Level Personal Gift Abe Diaz ($500.00)
  2 -  $250 Level Personal Gift Nicholas Nelson ($300.00)
  3 -  $250 Level Personal Gift Summer Jothen ($250.00)
  4 -  Personal Gift Elizabeth Devecchi ($250.00)
  5 -  $250 Level Jennifer Rhein ($250.00)
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Top Teams
  1 -  Herd of Turtles ($565.00)
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Other Marathons

Don't see your race of choice on the list? You can still participate in that race as a CureSearch Challenger by registering directly through that race's website and then registering for CureSearch Challenge. Or, send us an email to connect to a Challenge expert for help getting started.

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