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How to Create Your Own Challenge

Maybe you're wanting to ride every mile of bike trail in your town on your own this summer, or maybe you're running a mile in every state in 2017. Create a fundraising page here, or let us know if you want to Challenge Expert to help you make plans.

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Does your Challenge include hiking, camping, or climbing? Please email to learn more about CureSearch's Create Your Adventure Program.

Did you register for CureSearch Challenge prior to June 21, 2017? If you need help, or want to set up a page on this new Challenge website, please email

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  4 -  $500 Level Annabelle Gould ($510.00)
  5 -  $250 Level Personal Gift Reid Andersson ($450.00)
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Create Your Own Challenge Ideas

  • Plan a neighborhood 5K
  • Ask your local bike shop to help plan a cycling event
  • Register for an existing triathlon, and race in honor of the 43 children diagnosed each day
  • Plan a stair climb at the tallest building in town
  • Partner with your local gym to host an indoor tri with the treadmill, spin bike, and rowing machine
  • Encourage your child's school to host an "all school mile" run/walk fundraiser
  • Run miles over the course of a month
  • Swim ten miles in one day
  • Bike across your state in a day or a week

Send us your wildest CureSearch Challenge ideas!

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