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About The CureSearch Winter Challenge

The CureSearch Winter Challenge is a virtual endurance event like no other! On January 15, 2021, Challengers from across the nation will lace up and begin a month long, 4.5, 45, or 450 mile race where every step brings us closer to cures for children's cancer. First, decide how to complete your miles based on what's accessible to you - running, walking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, on your favorite cardio machine, etc. Then form a team or register as an individual. Finally, join us for our virtual kickoff party and start logging those miles! We'll provide fun and inspiration over the course the event, leading up to our virtual finish line party at the end. Once you've submitted your final results online, you'll receive your finisher's hat, medal, and any additional prizes you've won via mail.

The CureSearch Winter Challenge offers something for everyone! Already an endurance athlete? Challenge yourself to be the faster finisher or go the most "extra miles for cures!" Missing your workout crew? Invite your running buddies, hiking club, extended family or high school track team to complete the miles together.

Anyone! Participants have from January 15-February 15 to complete their miles. The various distances (4.5, 45, and 450 miles) and team options make it accessible to anyone. Individuals, teams, and families are encouraged to participate. There is no minimum or maximum age. Like all endurance event participants, Challengers should be in good health and talk to their physician before starting any new exercise program.

Your efforts support CureSearch for Children's Cancer, a national non-profit foundation that accelerates the cure for children's cancer by driving innovation, eliminating research barriers and solving the field's most challenging problems. We fight every day to make treatment possible and a cure probable for the 45 children diagnosed with cancer daily. Ultimately, CureSearch is working to change the odds for those children most at risk. Read more about our impact.

Absolutely! Challengers who recruit five or more additional teammates will receive a Winter Challenge T-shirt. Captains who recruit ten or more teammates will be upgraded to a Long Sleeve T-shirt. There will also be prizes awarded for things like first registrant, top recruiter, fastest finisher, oldest finisher, highest fundraiser, most miles completed, and more. Visit our Prizes page for full details!


Please click Register in the navigation above and choose whether you want to register "As an Individual", "As a Team Captain" (to start a new team), or "As a Team Member" (if the team already exists).

The adult Challenger registration fee is $45 (one dollar for each child diagnosed with cancer today). Adult Challengers receive a finisher hat, medal, virtual finisher's certificate, access to our online community and events, the opportunity to win additional prizes, a Challenge Hero Stories, and, most importantly, the chance to help end children's cancer.

The youth Challenger registration fee is $15. Youth Challengers receive a medal, virtual finisher's certificate, access to our online community and events (with parental permission), the opportunity to win additional prices, virtual coloring page and mileage tracker, a Challenge Hero Stories, and the chance to help end children's cancer.

Forming a team is a great way for your household to participate together, or to connect with friends, teammates, or colleagues across the miles. Teams range in size from 2-100 participants, with special recognition for the Team Captain who recruits that largest team. Every Team Captain who recruits a team of 5 or more (plus themselves) will receive a Winter Challenge T-shirt, and Team Captains who recruit 10 or more teammates will receive a long sleeve T-shirt.

Website Questions

After you complete registration and pay your registration fee, you will receive an email with login instructions for your personal participant center page. If you do not receive this email or have lost it, please contact donorservices@curesearch.org, and we will send you a password reset email.

CureSearch is working with our friends at Challenge Hound to track participants' miles. Once you've registered, join our Challenger tracking page and start entering your miles manually or syncing with Strava.

We'll be hosting our event kickoff party, finish line party, and other exciting events via the CureSearch Challenge Facebook Group. Once you’ve registered for the Challenge, join the virtual community.

Personal Fundraising Page and Photo Upload

Yes. Once logged into your Participant Center click the "Personal Page" tab and then click the "Photo/Video" sub-tab on the right side of the page. Click "Choose File" to select an image from your computer, enter an optional caption, and click Save/Upload to complete the process. Be sure to check your Personal Page to make sure the image and caption appear as you would like them to.

Yes. Photos must be .gif, .jpg, or .png files, and no larger than 6,000,000 pixels. A good rule of thumb is to try to upload pictures that are roughly 300-400 pixels wide/high, and file size around 500kb. If you need a photo editor, you can try PicMonkey or Pixlr.

No. Our fundraising software only allows one photo on your page. You may change the photo as many times as you like.

Contact us at challenge@curesearch.org. Please include a detailed description of your problem and attach the photo you are attempting to upload for troubleshooting purposes. Please be aware that it may take time for our team to resolve your issue. Most requests are handled within 1-2 business days.

You can upload appropriate YouTube videos to your personal page. Once logged into your Participant Center, click on the "Personal Page" tab, then click the "Photo/Video" sub-tab on the right side of the page. Under the Photos section, click on the radio button next to Video, and then enter the YouTube video URL and click Save.

No, however, most personal video can be uploaded to YouTube if you have a personal YouTube account. YouTube.com has instructions for uploading a personal video if you are unsure of how to do so.

No. Only one video can be displayed per page.

Contact us at challenge@curesearch.org. Please include a detailed description of your problem and the YouTube URL that you are attempting to upload for troubleshooting purposes. Please be aware that it may take time for our team to resolve your issue. Most requests are handled within 1-2 business days.

General Fundraising

Our easy-to-use online fundraising site allows you to create your own personal web page and access tools to help you recruit teammates and solicit donations. You can use our sample emails, or create your own, and ask everyone you know to join your team as a participant or support you with a donation to your personal page. One of the easiest ways to raise funds is by connecting your personal website to your Facebook page. Please look for the blue "Fundraise with Facebook" box in your participant center.

Absolutely! We encourage you to send sample emails, found in the online tools section of this website, via your email client. It's fast and easy! You can also send these emails through your Participant Center. To do this, and click the Email tab. From here, select the Email Template you would like to use (you can choose from pre-existing ones or start from a blank message) and click Next. Set the Subject and content of your message and click Next. For step 3, you will set your recipients, either by adding/importing contacts or choosing from Available Contacts (which include anyone you have added so far, as well as Groups such as Donors, Non-Donors, Never Emailed, etc.). After you have selected your recipients click Next, and you will see a final draft of your email. Here you can save the email as a draft if you are not ready to send it yet, or save it as a template for future re-use. Click Send when you are ready to send the email. You can also use the sub-tabs on the right side of the page to see previously saved drafts, sent emails, or manage your contacts.

If you connect your CureSearch fundraising page to Facebook via your Participant Center, funds will from Facebook will be deposited to your CureSearch fundraising page in real time. For this reason, we encourage connecting your account, and Facebook birthday fundraisers only.

If you choose to start a birthday fundraiser, the funds will not be applied to your page in real time. Please email us at challenge@curesearch.org for details on how birthday fundraisers work.

Facebook recently added a prompt for users to "add a donate button" to certain posts - please note that donations raised through that button do NOT get added to your fundraising total.

Making Donations

Click the "Donate" button at the top of this page and choose whether you'd like to donate "To a Participant," "To a Team," or "To CureSearch." The first two options will prompt you to search for the Participant or Team to donate to. Then follow the steps for submitting your payment. If you can't find your participant, email challenge@curesearch.org for assistance.

If you donate through the CureSearch Challenge website, a receipt will be emailed to you using the email address provided on your donation form. If you do not receive one within 24 hours, please contact donorservices@curesearch.org.

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