About Ultimate Hike: Traditional

Ultimate Hike: Traditional is characterized as one that consumes most of the day in a challenging adventure within a spectacular natural setting. This is a true ultimate challenge - in this program you will hike 20-30 miles in one day while you help raise money towards finding a cure for children's cancer, the #1 cause of death by disease in children. Our traditional events are weekend long, and take place on some of America's most spectacular trails, and come complete with a training program.

What's Included in My Experience?

Our Traditional Ultimate Hike is more than a hike - it's a weekend adventure, an achievement of a lifetime and a chance to find cures for cancer's youngest fighters. Due to our unique venues, no two hikes are the same, and you should discuss specifics with your staff member. All of our hikes include the basics you need for a successful weekend, lot of surprises, tons of trail support and access to an online portal with an industry leading collection of resources to ensure you reach your goals! It's hard to capture the weekend in words, so we recommend you check out our hike weekend video!

Is There a Fee to Participate?

First and foremost, Ultimate Hike is a fundraiser, designed to make a meaningful difference and change the odds for children with cancer. In order to make this possible while still providing an unforgettable adventure for our hikers, each hiker is asked to raise a minimum amount of funds and kick start their adventure with a $100 event fee, which will be applied directly to their food, lodging, and travel expenses for the weekend.

How Will I Reach My Goals?

The Ultimate Hike Team is composed of expert coaches, volunteers, Ultimate Heroes (families who have asked us to share their stories with our hikers) and CureSearch Staff. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are successful both with your training, and with your fundraising efforts. Our training and fundraising tools are continuously reviewed to ensure we are providing our hikers with an industry leading information portal to reach your goals.

CureSearch for Childrens Cancer

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